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I love when porn gifs freeze because then it’s like hey this is cute let’s draw this


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Romano in palette 6 requested by peaceandfail and Spain in palette 6 requested by crocobara


"You make the world beautiful again."

Auf Wiedersehen, Sweetheart, Chapter 11



"Faster you Jerk Bastard!"  (<~~ Source ) 

Spain giving Romano shoulder rides <3 


"What’re you doing?! Put Me Down!"
"But Lovi, it’s supposed to be romant—"
"Put. Me. Down!"

I would have drawn them as high school students but what could possibly be better than two grown-ass men acting like a couple of idiots


what if antonio and alfred were in the same initial interrogation hall?


A (finally!) completed commission for ArthurJones93!! I am so sorry it took so long, but here it is!! I hope you enjoyed watching it being finished to you and to all of the stream viewers! Also a HUGE thank you for all of you who helped me finish the colouring!!


get romantic and hug the boy? get romantic and hug the boy!

because Rei looks at Nagisa like at the biggest most precious treasure and I honestly can’t deal.